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Garbage Disposal Repair Company in Denver & Surrounding Areas

Garbage Disposal Repair Denver

Did you know that garbage disposals are among the most common appliance in any household? Garbage disposals are designed to handle only the light food residue from your dishes before you put them into a dishwasher. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of garbage disposal users put the large quantities of debris and food in them. Before you know it your kitchen sink won’t drain and you need professional help to get your garbage disposal appliance back in order. Call our Denver garbage disposal repair technicians and save both your precious time and money.

Here are some of the most common signs that your garbage disposal in a desperate need of a professional repair:

  • Your garbage disposal won’t shut off.
  • Your garbage disposal has suddenly stopped running.
  • Your garbage disposal doesn’t clear properly of waste.
  • Your garbage disposal has an unpleasant smell coming out of it.
  • Your garbage disposal makes strange and unusual noises while working.
  • Water won’t drain or drain painfully slow through the sink.
  • Your garbage disposal has water leaks from it while and after you use it.

If your garbage disposal faces one or more of these problems, then it’s about time to give a call to experienced and motivated Big Mike’s technicians. We will provide you with a functional, reliable, and above all an affordable repair of your garbage disposal.

This isn’t something you should even consider repairing entirely on your own. First of all, you can easily hurt yourself. In addition, you can easily escalate the seriousness of problem because you aren’t handling it the right way. Eventually, that will lead to the additional and unnecessary costs to pay for a proper and professional repair. Let someone else do the dirty work for you. It goes without saying that fixing and cleaning your garbage disposal isn’t a pleasant thing to do, watch, or smell.

All technicians will do their very best to repair your garbage disposal as quickly and efficiently as possible. What’s also important to mention, they will be very thorough in cleaning the working space after themselves. Our professional image and behavior are our trademark for a reason. Even the dirtiest work can be done in a smooth and clean way, if you let the pros take care of it.

Our technicians will be your most trusted advisors. Very often, the improper use of garbage disposals is one of the most common reasons for our interventions. We will take as much time as required to discuss all the issues and questions you may have for us. We will also demonstrate you first-hand how to use, clean, and maintain your garbage disposal properly, so you won’t get in trouble again.

As you can see, we aren’t after your money. Word of mouth and a personal recommendation are literally priceless in our business. That’s why we’re counting on you to reward us for our good work and professionalism with a five-star review and a recommendation to your friends and family when we complete your garbage disposal repair.


garage disposal repair denver

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