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Washer & Dryer Repair Service

Washer & Dryer Repair Service

The Big Mike’s technicians can repair both residential and commercial washers and dryers quickly, efficiently, and affordably. We can successfully repair all major brand washers and dryers. If your washer or dryer is experiencing a problem, such as leaks, no cold water, no pump-out, no spin, no agitate, no sluggish spin, excessive shaking or vibration during work, spots on clothes, clothes ripped or torn, clothes too wet or dry, clothes still soapy, and similar, then you should definitely give us a call. We will pay a visit and repair your washer or dryer before you know it.

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If your washer and dryer are experiencing one of the following issues, you know that’s about time to get in touch with our technicians:

  • Your washer and dryer is leaking
  • There’s no spin or it’s sluggish
  • Your washer and dryer doesn’t pump-out
  • There’s no cold water
  • There are unusual vibrations
  • Your washer and dryer is shaking out of control during spin
  • The clothes are either too dry or too wet
  • Your washer and dryer is completely dead and unresponsive
  • Control panel doesn’t respond at all or it responds with a delay
  • Your washer and dryer suddenly stops in the mid-cycle
  • There’s the excess water in your washer and dryer
  • Your washer and dryer basket is too slow or it won’t spin at all
  • Dryer doesn’t heat up enough
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You can rest assured that the Big Mike’s technicians will help you with all your washer and dryer issues. We understand how annoying these problems may be for you. They usually take place when you least expect them. That’s why we always have a team of certified technicians that are ready to act the moment you give us a call to repair your washer and dryer. We will repair it with the utmost care and attention, quickly and efficiently.

When our technicians aren’t in the field helping our customers, we make sure that they stay in touch with the latest washer and dryer installation, service, and repair technology and innovations. All of our technicians are required to complete rigorous training sessions on a regular basis. You can also have a peace of mind because you know that each and any of our technicians who visit your home had to go through a detailed background check and operate under the direct supervision before being allowed to represent our company and accept the responsibility for all repair work.


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Serving Denver and Surrounding Area

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